My name is Tyler, I was born in Tasmania, Australia. I am an entrepreneur and full time trader who has always believed that with hard work, anyone can achieve whatever they want in life.

Let's rewind the clock back 5+ years to where I was working two jobs while also doing a full-time engineering degree. One job was as a junior engineer for a government department in Australia during the day and then I would work overnight shifts at a gas station. I was working 80-90+ hour weeks on top of my degree.

I first discovered Forex when sat down at my desk at work one morning and saw one of my friends post on Instagram. After a few messages filled with questions about this "Forex" thing, I was hooked.

From that point I began taking course after course and book after book. However, like most people it was not something that I was naturally gifted with. I lost over and over, but I knew with enough time and study that I could master this skill.

It took me about 1.5 years years of losses before I found what really worked for me. I continued to learn from new courses and material from those within the industry and began to develop my own style on how I analyze the market and take entries. This lead me to the infamous 4H Confirmation method that I have developed.

This is only the beginning - the journey has always outweighed the destination.

Welcome to Forex Project.